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LOLCheshire 2015 and the year so far....

"Well, 2015 kicked off with the brilliant Tony Burgess, supported by the 'gangster' that is.. Big Lou! A huge thank you from us at LOL, every month we say it and every month we mean it.. Aimee, Kenny and myself try to bring you the very best in new breaking stand up, together with some of the familiar faces on the comedy circuit.
We have decided to take as short break until June as we know that with Knutsford Beer Festival (April 24-25th - We've even sponsored a barrel of beer!!) and Royal May Day, LOL Cheshire may get lost in the melee of events in and around our fair town!
4th June 2015 sees the brilliant Steve Royle who has recently finished the amazing Phoenix Night's Live run of 15 nights at the MEN or Nynex or whatever it's called theses days, with Dave Spikey, Paddy McGuinness and of course, Peter Kay.. Together with the audience who went along (yep, we went!!) an astonishing £5m was raised!!
Juggling maestro, (you have to see him to believe him!!) wise cracker and all round funny bloke, Steve is coming back to LOL Cheshire for the first time in three years. Do not miss out..
Whilst we are on the subject of great acts, we are already looking towards Christmas.. If you want to tell us who you would like to see in Kutsford for D*ckhead Friday in December, let us know and wee can have a nosey about.
We do have some very exciting news in the pipeline but until the i's are dotted and the t's crossed, we'll let you know very soon.. 
So see you at the Knutsford Beer Festival in April, drunk on the streets of Knutsford on May Day or at the Belle Epoque - 4th June - tickets are available from Ticket Warrior on at 
PS.. If you think you have what it takes or just want a crack and see how 'easy' it is to get up and perform stand up, come and do five mins. Let me know, we can make it happen!
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